Welcome to our new web site

Welcome to our new web site


After ten years journey of MBTek, we have entered a new chapter of enlightening the needs of our customers. The new endeavour has begun with a great pain of delivering the giVfted as the new corporate image and identity. We all are giVfted in someway or other, however, giVfted will generate a statement of “Enlightening Simplicity”, which will further redefine our customer's needs.

giVfted will try to settle it’s position as the flagship for all IT & Telecommunications extraordinary at enlarge.

Subsequently, we have launched the "giVfted Community", which will thrive it’s journey to giVe and to be giVfted. We hope that it will be the seed of hope for redefining the world of community to bind “WE” than “ME”.

In ever-developing and endlessly evolving hi-tech society, in any industry, the requirements have been specified for bleeding-edge but stable & low-bust solutions. However, finding a solution provider who will deliver your complex problems in the form of simplicity. The efforts of finding a right solution provider have been putting a camel through the eye of a needle. The giVfted has encompassed and compiled all your needs and has done the homework to be the successor of the one-stop solution provider around your corner.

Relevant Industries are:
-	Telecom Operators
-	Business & Government
-	End-User & Subscribers

Products and Services are
-	Development outsourcing
-	Total web presence development and hosting
-	Multichannel Marketing
-	User Community

Young Cho, M.Sc. SE / M.Sc.T&SM

Founder, CEO & CTO

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